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Elementary Academy: 1001 E. 100 Street
Brooklyn, NY 11236 - 347-390-0570
Middle Academy: 1070 E. 104 Street
Brooklyn, NY 11236 - 347-390-0560

Elementary Academy


At Leadership Prep Canarsie Elementary, we encourage curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking in each lesson. We value and teach compassion, humility, and open-mindedness. By living these core values, our scholars tackle academics with confidence and skill that will serve them in high school, college and beyond.


We believe in:

·         Respect

o   We treat others the way we want to be treated and believe this will make the world a better place for everyone.

·         Work Ethic

o   When you work hard, you get smart. We believe intelligence is not a fixed quality.

·         Professionalism

o   The way we carry ourselves positively impacts the way we feel about ourselves.


We know that the Canarsie community brings so much to the table and we consider it our duty, privilege and pleasure to serve Brooklyn families. 


Founding Date August 2013
Enrollment 415
Grades Served K-4
Planned Enrollment at Full Size 450
Student/Teacher Ratio 15:1
Co-located Yes

Yellow bus service provided and determined by the Department of Education Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT)

Local van services also available

Gender % 
49% Female
51% Male
Free and Reduced Price Lunch 83%
Special Needs 10%

86% African American

4% Latino

1% White

9% Other

State Exam Scores Results
Scholars from Leadership Prep Canarsie Elementary Academy will have the option of attending Leadership Prep Canarsie Middle Academy in 5th Grade and an Uncommon High School in 9th Grade. 

 See our 2017-18 Accountability Plan 

 See our 2017-18 School Quality Snapshot 

 See our Student and Family Handbook here

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