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Elementary Academy: 1001 E. 100 Street
Brooklyn, NY 11236 - 347-390-0570
Middle Academy: 1070 E. 104 Street
Brooklyn, NY 11236 - 347-390-0560

Middle Academy

At our core we are dedicated to creating and maintaining a great school that prepares each student to enroll and succeed in college.  Our school culture balances joy with rigor, warmness with strictness, confidence with humility, and data-driven lessons with character education.   We are committed to building a school community where parents are thrilled to send their children and students are proud to attend.

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Founding Date August 2013
Enrollment 336
Grades Served  5-8
Planned Enrollment at Full Size 336
Student/Teacher Ratio 13:1
Co-located Yes
Transportation Yellow bus service provided and determined by the Department of Education Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT)
Gender % 
50% Female
50% Male
Free and Reduced Price Lunch 75%
Special Needs 18%

94% African American

2% Latino

1% White

1% Asian

3% Other

State Exam Scores Results

*Accurate count as of 11/20/2015.

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